The EverECO production process.

A revolutionary process

EverECO products are made of 100% tapioca starch. The products are made by using hot presses and professional molds. EverECO has passed DIN CERTCO and seedling Mark Two International ECO certifications; along with having multinational patents. EverECO has a robust quality control and quality assurance system. All products completely biodegrade/decompose within 30 days via composting or landfill. 

Every product produced by EverECO has been precisely designed. EverECO carefully monitors the mixing ratio and temperature control of tapioca starch and formula. The raw material is adjusted with any temperature or humidity changes. After mixing hot water with the formula and dry tapioca starch, a dough Is formed. The dough is cut into proper size before the raw material cools. The dough is then placed into the molds ready for the hot presses. 

In order to present the perfect finished product, all raw materials are accurately weighed. All of the products have exclusive molds with precise measurements. The dough is pressed using high-temperature hot pressing. What’s important is the temperature of the mold. The product Is uniform and smooth. The raw material mixture will become hard when exposed to the air for a long period and cannot be hot pressed. Therefore, the time from raw material mixture to production through the hot pressing cannot be very long.

The final steps are waterproofing, drying and product packing.

Production Process: 

  1. Tapioca starch and formula add hot water and stir to form a dough → 
  2. Cut into proper size → 
  3. Put in the moulding and hot pressing → 
  4. Spray waterproof → 
  5. Baking Chamber → 
  6. Finish.
EverECO invites you to care for the earth together!


EverECO products have won two International ECO certifications with their exclusive technology. 

EverECO has achieved DIN CERTCO and seedling mark biodegradable certifications and are protected by multinational patents.

Our products are 100% plant based tapioca starch. 

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