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This brief video illustrates the impact of plastic on our seas and oceans.

Our Mission

EverECO Americas was established in 2020, by a group of individuals who share a common concern for the well-being of our environment.  As industry has evolved and progressed, many people seem to forget about environmental conservation and the consequences of our actions.

EverECO is proud to manufacture and distribute 100% biodegradable and compostable products to prevent environmental pollution. After extensive research and testing with various raw materials, we have chosen tapioca as the main ingredient in our patented starch technology manufacturing process, which is in contrast to others using cornstarch.

Now is the time for EverECO products. Cutting edge products for the food, beverage and garden center industry.

EverECO products are made of 100% tapioca starch.


EverECO products have won two International ECO certifications with their exclusive technology. 

EverECO has achieved DIN CERTCO and seedling mark biodegradable certifications and are protected by multinational patents.

Why tapioca instead of cornstarch?

EverECO products do not contain PLA (plastic additives) and have 100% biodegradable properties in a very short period of time. The waterproof coating is a food grade material which is a purified and modified natural coating that will quickly decompose by microorganisms. Products have excellent temperature resistance and can be in contact with any food or beverage.  Products can be heated in the microwave; however, all products are intended for single use.

PLA (polylactic acid) is extracted from CORNSTARCH, and has a low temperature resistance of only 110°F.  CPLA = crystallized PLA, is processed by applying high pressure and heat to PLA, chalk, and other biodegradable and bio-based additives. CPLA needs to increase the production temperature, which generates carbon emissions in manufacturing.

Compared with other materials, TAPIOCA can biodegrade and compost in general soil very quickly. Products have temperature resistance significantly higher, up to 212°F. Tapioca starch material produces more stable chemical and physical properties. 

All products completely decompose in approximately 30 days via composting or landfill.

Currently, most cups and lids are made of styrofoam, PP or PE plastic. These are all disposable, but if not properly recycled, they will become a pollutant. In order to prevent environmental pollution, the use of plastics should be reduced. Now there is a new choice – EverECO’s biodegradable products for easy disposal without leaving any trace. The properties of tapioca starch are the same as plants and degrade naturally. 

Traditional container materials are difficult to recycle, and most end up in landfills where it lasts forever. The waterproof coating inside paper cups is not easy to biodegrade. Styrofoam is not easy to decompose, polluting the environment and destroying the landscape. PLA extracted from cornstarch requires a high temperature, high humidity, and anaerobic bacteria environment to recycle. Moreover, recycling companies consider that a high cost; therefore, they are not environmentally friendly materials.

EverECO  products are made of tapioca starch and have features similar to plants. Every product produced by EverECO has been precisely designed to present the optimal ecofriendly  product. 

100% biodegradable and compostable drinking cups and lids, food containers and planting pots are just the start of the EverECO product line. Join us in our mission to stop environmental pollution.

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Together we can prevent environmental pollution.