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Q: What is the raw material of the product? 
A: Tapioca. Compared with other material, EverECO products are made of tapioca starch which is natural and has temperature resistant properties higher than others.

Q: How to dispose of the product?
A: Our products are all made of tapioca starch. Simply dispose in everyday trash sent to the landfill, or compost as you normally would.  Once in the soil the products will decompose by microorganisms. 

Q: Are all the products waterproof?
A: YES, our products are coated with food grade silicone. 

Q: How does EverEco’s waterproof coating biodegrade?
A: We use a food grade silicon waterproof coating. Eco friendly. Once buried in the soil it decomposes by organisms.

Q: What’s the range of temperature resistance?
A: Temperature resistance is 20°~212°F.

Q: Can the product be microwaved?
A: Yes, but not recommended for multi-use.

Q: Can the product be used multiple times?
A: Our products are disposable and not recommended for multiple use.

Q: Can I have customized printing on products? 
A: Yes, but one color only. 

Q: Are color of all products white?
A: It is possible to change the color of products. We use food coloring to customize a color of your choosing.

Q: Can cups be purchased separately?
A: YES, cups and lids can be purchased separately.